Avhandlingar med pedodontistanknytning

S = Stockholm, M = Malmö, G = Göteborg, Linköping = L och U = Umeå


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Maria Anderson



Larisa Krekmanova


Shervin Shahnavaz

STOP CARIES STOCKHOLM: A caries-prevention program for children living in multicultural areas with low socioeconomic status


Pain in paediatric dentistry – Experiences, attitudes and knowledge from the perspective of the child, adolescent and dentist

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Dental Phobia

2016 D L Anna Lena Sundell Children with orofacial clefts dental caries and health-related quality of life


2016 D S Therese Kvist A dental perspective on child maltreatment


2015 D S Gunilla Pousette Lundgren Early restorative rehabilitation of children and adolescents with Amelogenesis Imperfecta


2012 D G Marianne Rythén Preterm infants – Odontological aspects


2012 D G Nina Sabel Enamel of Primary Teeth – morphological and chemical aspects


2013 D S Georgios Tsilingaridis Inflammatory response in periodontal tissue in children with Down syndrome


2012 D S Eva Leksell Oral health in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis


2011 D G Tobias Fagrell Molar Incisor Hypomineralization Morphological and chemical aspects, onset and possible etiological factors


2007 D U Pernilla Lif Holgerson Xylitol and its effect on oral ecology


2011 D U Linda Rosén Dental caries and background factors in children with heart disease


2010 D M Susanne Brogårdh-Roth The preterm child in dentistry. Behavioural aspects and oral health.


2010 D S Annika Julihn Prenatal, socio-demographic and oral hygiene-related risk factors on dental caries and periodontal conditions in adolescents.


2010 D G Monica Engvall On oral health in children and adults with myotonic dystrophy.


2010 D G Annika Gustafsson Dental behaviour management problems among children and adolescents – a matter of understanding? Studies on dental fear, personal characteristics and psychosocial concomitants.


2008 L M Inger Wennhall THE ROSENGÅRD STUDY – Outcome of an oral health programme for preschool children in a low socio-economic multicultural area in the city of Malmö, Sweden.


2008 D G Anita Alm On Dental Caries and Caries-Related Factors in Children and Teenagers.


2008 D M Karin Ridell Endodontic treatment in young permanent teeth. Prevalence, quality and potential risk factors.


2008 D U Kristina Engström Fluoride concentration in plaque and saliva and its effects on oral ecology after intake of fluoridated milk.


2007 D S My Blomqvist Oral health and behavior in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


2006 L U Carin Pilebro Children with autism in dental care. Visual pedagogy and parents´ views of dental health care.


2005 D S Helena Domeij Expression and regulation of MMP-1 and MMP-3 in human gingival fibroblasts.


2005 D S Kerstin Carlstedt Palatal plate therapy in children with Down syndrome. A longitudinal study of effects on oral motor function.


2004 D U Christer Ullbro Studies on clinical expression, genotype, and gingival crevicular fluid characteristics in young patients with Papillon-Lefèvre syndrome


2004 L S My Blomqvist Analysis of behavior and communication during dental appointments in children with attention and learning problems


2004 D G Jörgen Paulander Oral epidemiological studies in a Swedish adult population focusing on periodontal disease


2004 D S Barbro Malmgren Clinical, histopathologic and genetic diagnosis in osteogenesis imperfecta


2003 D S Manal Mustafa Studies on uptake and effect of triclosan on production of inflammatory mediators in human gingival fibroblasts


2003 D G Kristina Arnrup Paediatric dentistry meets clinical child psychology. Studying groups of uncooperative child dental patients


2002 L U Eva Borssén Traumatic dental injuries to the primary and permanent dentition. A cohort study in northern Sweden


2002 D G Ann-Katrin Johansson On dental erosion and associated factors


2002 D M Boel Jensen Benzodiazepine sedation in paediatric dentistry


2002 D U Ingrid Andersson Durability and interfacial adaption of glass Wenckert ionomer cement and resin based materials in class II restorations


2001 L S Kerstin Carlstedt A longitudinal study of palatal plate therapy in children with Down syndrome. Effects on oral motor function


2001 D G Birgitta Jälevik Enamel hypomineralization in permanent first molars. A clinical, histo-morphological and biochemical study


2000 L G Carl Gösta Rasmusson Clinical evaluation of composite resins in class II cavities


2000 D S Mats Bågesund Salivary function after pediatric bone marrow transplantation


1999 D G/L Yngve Swedberg On the reporting of dental health, time for dental care, and the treatment panorama. Methodological studies of measuring and analysing dental care outcomes within a Swedish Public Dental Service organization


1999 L U Ingrid Andersson-Wenckert In vivo evaluation of glass ionomer cement and polyacid-modified resin composite (compomer) restorations in primary molars


1999 D S Tülay Yucel-Lindberg Regulation of prostaglandin E2 synthesis in human gingival fibroblasts


1999 L S Manal Mustafa Effect of triclosan on the production of inflammatory mediators in human gingival fibroblasts


1999 D S Monica Barr Agholme Periodontal disease in adolescents with Down syndrome


1998 L M Margareta Borgström Bacterial acid production – a virulence factor related to dental caries


1998 L G Ann-Katrin Johansson On dental erosion in young Saudi men


1998 D S Margareta Näsman Effects of anti-neoplastic therapy on tooth and bone formation. Clinical and experimental studies


1997 D G Agneta Robertson Pulp survival and hard tissue formation subsequent to dental trauma. A clinical and histological study of uncomplicated crown fractures and luxation injuries


1997 D G Catharina Jacobsson Teratological studies on craniofacial malformations


1997 D S Biniyam Wondimu Cyclosporin A-induced gingival overgrowth in renal transplant patients. A clinical, histological and experimental study


1997 L S Mats Bågesund alivary gland function in children following allogeneic bone marrow transplantation


1997 D S Ann-Kristin Bolin Children’s dental health in Europe


1995 D G Lill-Kari Wendt On oral health in infants and toddlers


1995 D G Gunilla Klingberg Dental fear and behavior management problems in children. A study of measurment, prevalence, concomitant factors, and clinical effects


1995 L S Anders Hallgren Studies on dental plaque adjacent to orthodontic appliances retained with glass ionomer cement


1995 L S Margareta Näsman Disturbances in dental development in children treated for malignant diseases


1995 D S Margaret Grindefjord Prediction and development of dental caries in young preschool children. A prospective cohort study in southern Stockholm


1995 L S Johan Karsten The effect of phenytoin on periodontal tissue


1995 D M Bertil Kinnby Plasminogen activators and their specific inhibitors in human gingival crevicular fluid. In vivo and in vitro studies with special reference to the plasminogen activator inhibitor type 2 (PAI-2) in local inflammation and in conjunction with female reproductive hormones


1995 D M Åsa Sullivan On the applicability of the number of mutans streptococci and lactobacilli in saliva and plaque for the prediction and explanation of dental caries


1994 D M Birgitta Sundin Dental caries and sugar-containing products. Analytical studies in teenagers


1994 D G Lotta Ranggård Dental enamel in relation to ionized calcium and parathyroid hormone. Studies of human primary teeth and rat maxillary incisors


1994 D U Bengt Sjödin Loss of periodontal support in children and adolescents


1993 D G Mirja Varpio Clinical aspects of restorative treatment in the primary dentition


1993 L G Yngve Swedberg Evaluation of dental care – implications for quality insurance


1992 D G Ted Lundgren Calcium transport in dentinogenesis. An experimental study in the rat incisor odontoblast


1991 D U Carina Källestål Periodontal conditions in Swedish adolescents


1991 D S Anders Lindner Unilateral posterior cross-bite in preschool children with special reference to sucking habits. A clinical and experimental study


1990 D U Ylva-Britt Wahlin Changes in the oral microbiota, mucosal lesions and salivary secretion in patients with acute leukemia


1990 D G Sven-Åke Lundin Studies on posterior composite resins with special reference to class II restorations


1989 D G Sibilla Bjarnason On dental health in Icelandic children. Observations during a clinical dentifrice trial


1989 D U Agneta Ekman On dental health and related factors in Finnish immigrant children in Sweden


1989 D U Birgitta Bäckman Amelogenesis imperfecta. An epidemiologic, genetic, morphologic and clinical study genetic, morphologic and clinical study


1988 D M Anna-Lena Holst Behaviour management problems in child dentistry. Frequency, therapy and prediction dentistry. Frequency, therapy and prediction


1987 D U Brita Månsson Human salivary peroxidase. Characterization of Rahemtulla some of the system components and their activity


1986 D G Sten Sundell Hereditary amelogenesis imperfecta. An epidemiological, genetic, and clinical study in a Swedish child population


1986 D U Christina Stecksén Epidemiological studies of dental caries in groups of Swedish children


1986 D S Göran Dahllöf Phenytoin-induced gingival over-growth in epileptic children. A clinical, histological and biochemical study


1985 D M Jan Widenheim On fluoride tablets. A retrospective study of intake pattern and the preeruptive effect on occurrence of caries, restorations and fluorosis in teeth


1985 D S Svante Twetman Antibacterial effects of human salivary lysozyme with special reference to Streptococcus mutans


1983 D G Jörgen G Norén Human deciduous enamel in perinatal disorders: morphological and chemical aspects


1982 D L Anna-Lena Hallonsten Nitrous oxide-oxygen sedation in dentistry


1981 D S Karl-JohanNordenvall Resin impregnation of enamel and dentin


1980 D U Claes-Göran Crossner Försök till tidig diagnos av kariessjukdomen


1979 D M Lars Matsson Development of experimental gingivitis at different ages in young individuals. Clinical, light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy studies


1979 D M Ingegerd Mejàre Clinical and experimental studies on reactions to formocresol, with special reference to pulpotomy


1977 D G Bengt Olof Hansson Success and failure of osseointegrated implants in the edentulous jaw


1976 D S Thomas Modéer Human saliva peptidases. A biochemical and biological study with special reference to kallikrein and trypsin-like enzymes in human saliva


1975 D U Anna-Karin Holm Tandhälsa hos tre- till femåriga svenska barn


1974 D M Miomir Cvek Treatment of non-vital permanent incisors with calcium hydroxide. Studies of periradicular healing, apical closure and external root resorption in invaginated, luxated or root- fractured teeth


1973 D M Ulla Schröder Reaction of human dental pulp to experimental pulpotomy and capping with calcium hydroxide.


1970 D S Carl-Erik Nord Studies on oral hyaluronidases


1967 D M Göran Koch Effect of sodium fluoride in dentifrice and mouthwash on incidence of dental caries in schoolchildren


1966 D S Per-Olof Gerdin Caries-indices for the mixed dentition


1965 D M Lars-Eric Granath Photoelastic model experiments on Class II cavity restorations of dental amalgam


1956 D M Hans Grahnén Hypodontia in the permanent dentition. A clinical and genetical investigation


1955 D S Erik Welander The occurrence of dental caries in the permanent dentition. An intra-individual study of patterns of caries attack and the influence of various dental factors


1949 D S Arvid Syrrist Experimental studies on the effect of sodium fluoride on human dental enamel